Cloudbusting are the longest running and most universally celebrated tribute to the music of Kate Bush. With TV appearances and live performances across both the UK and Europe, the band has earned an enviable reputation for being unquestionably the most accurate and authentic live experience for Kate fans.

Significantly, they are the only band in the world to have performed Kate’s music with her original bass player and long standing sound engineer Del Palmer, as well as drummer and percussionist Preston Heyman who appeared on the Tour Of Life, Never For Ever & The Dreaming. The band has also performed with Stewart Avon-Arnold - Kate’s co-choreographer and dance partner who appeared with her in so many of those iconic videos and performances throughout her career. That’s quite an endorsement for Cloudbusting but it also stands as a reflection of the talent, tenacity and passion that the 5-piece band has for Kate’s stunning music.

Mandy Watson


Dave Roberts


Chris Voysey


Alan Hearton


Matthew Bowers


Adam Aggiss


"The versions that Cloudbusting are performing are the closest by far from any tribute I've ever heard" - Del Palmer

‘I could have been listening to Kate herself!' - Preston Heyman

"That gave me a shiver" - Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2

Cloudbusting's stage productions feature all the hits you’d expect – as well as many songs you wouldn’t!

Wuthering Heights, Hounds of Love, Babooshka, This Woman’s Work... and of course the world-wide No.1 hit single that took every music chart by storm 37 years after its release - Running Up That Hill - are all performed with breath-taking vocals and superb musicianship.

The show is enhanced with stunning projected visuals which reflect the character and mood of the songs, making a Cloudbusting concert an event that no Kate Bush fan will want to miss!

"Cloudbusting is the answer " - Hotpress Magazine

"The most heartfelt genuine and accomplished live interpretation of Kate's work that there has ever been (apart from Kate herself, of course!)" - Sean Twomey,

"If you missed out on seeing Kate Bush herself, Cloudbusting are the next best thing" - Simon Mayo, Greatest Hits Radio

Del Palmer
Del Palmer
Preston Heyman
Stewart Avon-Arnold